International Transportation Glossary: T

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A complex of government duties and their rates which are imposed on importation and exportation cargo.

The end points on both sides of a transportation procedure which hold handling and service facilities.

The process in which the cargo's status is being followed, this includes the constant location of the cargo, its' containers and its' content.


  1. Customs procedure - the transfer of cargo from the importing vessel to the exporting vessel under customs monitoring in the office of importation and exportation.
  2. The transfer of goods from one vessel to another as part of the same delivery course.
  3. A transportation of one marine B/L which is split into a few parts, the port in which the transport is split is referred to as the transhipment port.

Transit Cargo

  1. Air cargo - goods which arrive and depart by the same through flight.
  2. Goods situated between outwards and inwards customs clearances.
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