International Transportation Glossary: R

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An artificial inclined lane or track built for the purpose of aiding wheeled vessels to change elevation and operate the loading/unloading process.


  1. Amount, degree or quantity utilized or measured.
  2. The cost of a transportation service.

Reefer Cargo
Commodities which require monitoring of temperature.

Reefer Container
A thermal consignment which is equipped with refrigerating utilities in order to monitor the temperature of commodities.

Road Carrier
A transportation vessel or carrier transferring cargo by road from one place to another as stated in an agreement.


  1. The planning of the transportation of a shipment from the shipper to the recipient or between the pick up point and the delivery point.
  2. The planning of the ideal route for carriers, cargo, commodities or transportation vessels to take.
  3. The procedure of providing a transportation vessel with economic route tips and long range weather forecasts in order to better its navigation.
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