International Transportation Glossary: P

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Can either describe the end product of the packing process (including the container and its content) or any actual part of the cargo related to transportation.

Packing List
A document listing the quantity and type of cargo on each shipment, the cargo's totals of gross, legal, and net weights and states the numbers on the containers.
This document might be required by either the consignee or the destination country for customs clearance purposes.

A stage designed for the stacking of cargo to aid the loading by a sling or a fork lift.

Pick Up and Delivery
The process of picking up the shipment from the the shipper and delivering it to the recipient.

Pro Forma Invoice
A preliminary invoice sent by the shipper to the consignee prior to the order confirmation and shipping of the cargo. 2 objectives of this document are:

  1. Basically, to inform of the shipment costs to allow opening of letters of credit.
  2. To support the process of obtaining required importation licenses and foreign currency allotments.

Proof of Delivery (POD)
A certificate the recipient signs as he receives the shipment acknowledging the delivery.

Purchase Order
A conclusive order documentation provided by the seller to the buyer. it lists the ordered quantity of commodities and services, the agreed prices and terms of shipping and may include one or more deliveries.

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