International Transportation Glossary: I

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Import License

In certain countries which require these, an import license is the governmental certificate which confirms the authorization to import certain materials or commodities.

In Bond (See "Bonded Warehouse")
Cargo which enters a country without payment of duties on certain conditions.

Inco Terms
A document which specifies the distribution of risk, liability and costs between shipper and recipient at specific points during a transportation.

In Transit
This term refers to the status of cargo or staff between the outwards and inwards customs clearance.

International Air Transport Association (IATA)
An international airlines organisation targeting the promotion commercial air traffic. Parties may achieve this by mutual efforts and by following certain regulations, procedures and tariffs, regarding both cargo and passengers.

International Maritime Organization (IMO)
A UN agency targeting safety at sea. IMO's work consists of codes and ragulations regarding pollution, tonnage measurement of vessels, load lines and the storage of dangerous goods.

A document describing the routes of different means of transportation, listing the destination ports or other locations and usually noting ETA and ETD.

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