International Transportation Glossary: D

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Dangerous Goods

This refers to commodities that when transported might cause peril or harm to people, environment, equipment or anything else.

Dangerous Goods Declaration
A certificate the shipper is obliged to produce by regulations which lists dangerous commodities being transported as well as confirming they were packed and labeled according to the requirements.

Dangerous Goods Packing Certificate
Another certificate that must be added to the complete declaration of dangerous goods, this document will confirm that the packages were stored, packed and secured in clean containers complying with IMDG regulations.

Delivery Note
A certificate reporting the delivery of commodities to the recipient.

This term may refer to either the landing of a shipment or the unloading process from different means of transportation.


  1. Land transportation from the packing permises and the closest railway terminal.
  2. The transportation of cargo by a dray (a cart with detachable sides).
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