International Transportation Glossary: C

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Clearance Terminal

A place in ports where the facilities of customes clearance of commodities are located.

Commercial Invoice
A certificate listing the commercial values of transaction between shipper and customer.

Indicating the kind of cargo being transported - coded in accordance to the harmonised system.

The party which is the recipient of a shipment and the recognized owner of the commodities (upon presentation of the required cetificates) when it comes to the liability of paying customs duties.
This term is also generally used refering to the party to whom cargo is delivered, usually at the shipper's risk, in cases where a purchase has not been made (see "Consignment").

This refers to the commodities being shipped to a recipient in a different country without an actual purchase, under the terms that the recipient would sell them and transfer earnings to the shipper.

The process of bonding a few consignment shipments into one larger consignment for the purpose of obtaining a reduced rate.

Container Prefix
A code made of four letters identifying the owner of the cargo, this code is will appear at the beginning of the cargo's identification number.

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