International Transportation Glossary: B

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Bill of Lading (B/L or Bs/L)

A certificate which confirms an agreement of a marine transportation, this certificate includes: a document describing the commodities, a reciept for the cargo signed by an authorized party on behalf of the carrier and a copy of the agreement between shipper and recipient which includes the terms and conditions of the transportation.

Currently there are three standard models:

  1. Sea Waybill - an inalienable certificate, made out to a named recipient. Surrender of the certificate by the recipient is not required.
  2. A standard marine B/L which states that the carrier hold the responsibility for the transportation actually performs by himself.
  3. A certificate for Combined Transports and Port to Port shipments (it depends on whether the relevant spaces for place of receipt/delivery are indicated on certificate).

Bonded Warehouse
A storage space which holds customs authorization to store commodities with no payment of duties - until removal.

Storing of commodities under customes authorization untill duties are paid or the cargo being trasported out of the country.
Bonded goods include unpaid dutiable commodoties (in transit or awaiting customs clearance), bonded store is a space on a vessel where commodoties are held behind seal until the vessel leaves the port/country.

The process of a shipper request for transportation of cargo and the the acceptance of the request by a carrier or its agent.

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